My vision for the Northwest Territories includes protecting and prioritizing our economy (growth), providing stronger programs and services (opportunity), and improving how our government functions (leadership). 

I believe that good leadership requires collaboration, selflessness and a willingness to include all voices at the table. A government should reflect the needs and desires of its constituents. 

I know the issues facing our territory and our community today and I know what will work to address them.

We need representatives at the Legislative Assembly that will advocate for real progress, strong growth, increased opportunities and collaborative leadership. With your vote, I plan to be that representative for you.


Together we can build a prosperous territory where our communities, businesses and families are thriving.

A vision for

I’ve been a mother for 18 years and have spent a great deal of time in daycares, schools and at soccer games. I’ve struggled to find affordable child care or a caregiver for those days my school-aged children were at home. I’ve navigated the complexities of accessing supports for special needs and mental health and considered postsecondary options available to my children.

In order for NWT families to truly thrive, as your MLA I will advocate for:

  • Affordable and accessible childcare in all communities to increase the economic realities of families and to provide better educational outcomes for children. For every dollar spent to provide childcare, $1.85 is returned to the economy.

  • A Child and Youth Advocate to independently represent the rights of children and hold government accountable when programs and policies fail to meet their needs.

  • Expanding the Child and Youth Care Counselor program to all communities to better identify and support youth with mental health needs.

  • A strategic territorial action plan to end family violence.

  • • Increased affordable housing available for middle-class families who rent or own their own home.

  • A guaranteed income program that reduces the administration and cost of the GNWT’s complex income security programs.

A vision for

Building relationships is incredibly important for the prosperity of our communities and ultimately the residents of the NWT. The GNWT must work with federal, municipal and Indigenous governments to deliver effective services to residents.

As your MLA, I will advocate for:

  • Increased funding for municipal governments with the aim of closing the funding gap to allow for the maintenance  and replacement of existing infrastructure. Without this funding, communities are forced to choose between services and maintaining important infrastructure, often incurring additional long-term costs

  • Reconciliation through the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) Calls to Justice, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC’s) Calls to Action, land claim agreements, language revitalization and collaborative relationships with Indigenous governments.

  • A comprehensive strategy to attract and retain families in the NWT, increasing the funding base and filling labour shortages.

  • A focus on community safety through the building of a territorial addictions treatment facility, taking steps to address homelessness, and remaining a diligent partner in good neighbour agreements in places such as the downtown sobering centre.  

  • Reframing domestic animal management as a wildlife issue and provide funding to communities to relieve the financial burden of caring for and removing these animals.

A vision for

Small businesses are the heart of Kam Lake and an essential part of our community and economy. They provide employment, services, infrastructure, and a sense of community and pride.

Strategically, I believe we must invest in our larger sectors like resource extraction, construction and tourism for our economy to thrive now and into the future. A healthy territorial economy will stimulate growth and support the interests of all businesses, from the small familyrun to the large corporations.

I make it a habit to only make promises that I can keep and will always stand up for what I believe in. As your MLA, my goal is to work collaboratively with my colleagues for the long term gain of our people and businesses. This is a promise that I can make. This advocacy will include:

  • Economic policies that ease the bureaucratic burden for business owners.

  • Business incentives and land access to increase the available housing stock for middle-class families.

  • Accessible post-secondary programs that build northern capacity, help fill labour shortages and retain residents.

  • Attracting skilled workers and their families to increase the funding base and fill labour shortages.

  • A balanced approach to minimum wage and cost of living increases that reflect the reality of businesses in the NWT.

Platform by Topic

As a long time social advocate, I’ve worked to address the issues of housing, income and food security, mental health, and education. Read more about how I plan to address: